Thank You

Free my mind when I get high

Off of discussions between you and I

Our thoughts laced with concepts incomprehensible to the average mind

Two dope people

Stuck in this crack cocaine white world

I feign for your words

Roll the blunt of life tight with your perspective

Inhale, exhale I take in a new direction

Shine light on my dank ways

I’m the heroin to your hero

Shoot up for days

Come down off of my high

Pop an X

Ecstasy overcomes me when you’re nearby

I’m an addict for your mental stimulation

Rehabilitation in the silence of our conversations

Just one more hit

And now I find myself in a situation

Unable to let you go

The desperation in my impatience

I crave your presence

And your time

Now you’ve become my inspiration

To open my mind

To this new world of thinking

In which I was once blind

With open eyes

I use your motivation

Pen to paper

I make notations

On this thing called life

I reminisce on our previous conversations

Cold sweats and an inability to move

Your absence has brought to my attention

This newfound power within my writing

So I think that I would be lying

If I said I didn’t need you anymore

Because I believe that you were the key to my locked door

Broke the chains off my brain

And freed my mind

I always told myself that in due time

There was one thing that I would do

And that was to make a poem

And say thank you



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