It started with nothing more than a look

A mere meeting of the eyes

A brief moment in which I knew you were the one

It was the way you smiled

The beauty of your laugh

The innocence of our attraction that made me fall in love

You are the type of man that I had dreamt about

The type of man that I did not think existed

The type of man that has given me everything I could have ever asked for and more

When I met you I was scared

I was broken

I was afraid of something new

But despite that, you’ve continued to love me

You’ve accepted my flaws

You’ve given me something to look forward to with each growing day

Being with you has opened my mind to a new part of this world

One where I can be myself

One where I can give you all that I have to offer

One where it feels as if nobody else exists but me and you

And in this new relationship

I plan on spending the rest of my days showing you just how much I love being in love with you



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