Dinner at 7

To some, he was a loner. To others, he was quiet and mysterious. To most, he was a visionary with a mind like no other. Mr. Edmington found himself to be all of the above and more.

He lived alone in a penthouse in one of New York City’s infamous high rises on the outskirts of Times Square, but he spent most of his nights downtown, immersing himself in the nightlife. He loved to be where the people were. From New York natives to tourists,  it’s where he got the best inspiration for his work.

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A Day at the Park: A Satire

Sunlight crept through the window and its rays tiptoed across the face of a young, unsuspecting girl. In disbelief, she quickly rose from her bed. Frantically looking around her room, she searched to find an answer as to how any sunlight was able to sneak in so early. Typically, sunlight could only be seen in homes earlier than noon if the curtains had been set to a manual timer. Finally, it dawned on her that her father was behind the rude awakening.

Stumbling out of bed, she placed her feet on the cold, metal conveyor belt, waiting for the machine to take her into the bathroom where the family robot, X1, would begin her morning routine. However, this morning, the belt seemed not to budge. Her legs began to shake the longer she stood up and she grasped the edge of her bed for support. It had been so long since she had to physically support herself. In today’s time, it was very seldom to see anybody exerting any physical effort to move around. Continue reading “A Day at the Park: A Satire”